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On 10 October 2009, Rani Chandra and her family moved into 36 Bannerman Road. She attended her first day at school in Park Vale — her father, Haresh also began work there as headmaster — and met and befriended Luke Smith and Clyde Langer. Clyde accidentally hit the new head teacher on the head with a basketball, and so was held outside his office. As he sat there, his friend Dave Finn passed by to get some art supplies from a cupboard and didn't come out. He was kidnapped by Odd Bob the Clown.

That night, two groups — Luke and Rani, and Sarah Jane and Clyde — independently arrived at Spellman's Magical Museum of the Circus. Spellman revealed his identity as both the Pied Piper and Odd Bob, and confessed to taking children. After Rani's mobile phone connection temporarily cancelled out his psychokinetic power for just long enough for them to escape, Sarah Jane was forced to tell Rani everything, and gave her a Vorgatt defence field emitter as protection. (TV: The Day of the Clown)

On 10 October 1962, the British Intelligence operative Edward Grainger travelled to Checkpoint Charlie in West Berlin to meet an agent who was preparing to cross the Berlin Wall from East Germany. (PROSE: Checkpoint)

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