10 Downing Street was the residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and seat of the government of Great Britain, and later the UK from the 17th century to the early 21st century.

History Edit

Early historyEdit

10 Downing Street was badly built on shallow foundations by a crooked speculator, Sir George Downing, in the 1680s. (AUDIO: Upstairs)

As the Ninth Doctor recalled, in 1730 "a nice man" called Mr Chicken occupied the property. (TV: World War Three)

Robert Gascoyne-Cecil was the last Prime Minister to refuse to use 10 Downing Street as his official home. (AUDIO: Upstairs)

20th centuryEdit

The Eighth Doctor claimed to have chained Emmeline Pankhurst to the railings outside Downing Street. (PROSE: Casualties of War)

In 1974, the Third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart met with the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street to discuss the approaching poison cloud caused by the Zircon. According to another account, it was the Fourth Doctor, Joan Brown and General Maxwell-Lennon. (COMIC: Doomcloud)

By 1991, the Cabinet Room was almost impregnable for the safety of government officials when three inches of steel were installed into every wall of the room. (TV: World War Three)

21st centuryEdit

In 2005, at least part of 10 Downing Street was damaged by the explosion caused by Major Kirby's detonation of his suicide bomb. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

During the Slitheen takeover of 2006, it was destroyed by a harpoon missile. (TV: World War Three)

Number 10 goes boom

Number 10 is destroyed. (TV: World War Three)

The explosion levelled the building and killed all but one of the Slitheen within the Prime Minister's office. (TV: World War Three, Boom Town)

Just before the explosion occurred, the Twelfth Doctor arrived through a rip in time (narrowly avoiding a run-in with his past self) in pursuit of the time flies operated by the Time Reavers. (COMIC: A Stitch in Time)

By the time that Harold Saxon took office in 2008, it had been re-built. Saxon, who was in reality the Master, considered the Cabinet to have displayed disloyalty in abandoning their own parties to jump on his winning band wagon and so gassed them to death in the Cabinet Room. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

Behind the scene Edit

The exterior of 10 Downing Street featured in a promotional teaser for Meet the Thirteenth Doctor, with the number 10 on the door changed to 13.

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