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1001 Nights was the framing device of the audio anthology, 1001 Nights, which comprised the one hundred and sixty-eighth release in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie and featured Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa.

As the framing device, this story capped the beginnings and endings of parts one to three of the anthology and also included the entirety of the final part. The inner stories, My Brother's Keeper, The Interplanetarian and Smuggling Tales, were contained within the narrative as stories told by Nyssa to a Sultan.


The Doctor has been imprisoned and Nyssa must tell stories to save him. But the stories' true purpose is much more sinister...


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  • From the Doctor's perspective, this story takes place over the course of approximately three years.
  • The story's title alludes to One Thousand and One Nights, more commonly known as Arabian Nights.
  • This story was released as a free download during the COVID-19 crisis.


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