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1001 Nights was the one hundred and sixty-eighth release in Big Finish's monthly range. The four stories were written by Emma Beeby and Gordon RennieJonathan Morris and Catherine Harvey respectively. All four stories featured Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa.

Publisher's summary[]

A long time ago, two travellers came from far away...

In the perfumed palace of an omnipotent Sultan, a girl must tell stories to keep the man she cares about from a cruel and horrible death. She spins tales of distant lands she has visited with a mysterious traveller, of fabulous creatures and fantastic adventures — and of a blue box that can travel in time and space.

Meanwhile, in the dungeons below the throne room, there lurks a secret which will bring down the kingdom — perhaps even the universe.

Can the Doctor and Nyssa escape from this never-ending story before the final chapter spells their end?


# Title Author Director Featuring
168.1 1001 Nights (framing narrative) Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie Barnaby Edwards Nyssa
168.2 My Brother's Keeper
168.3 The Interplanetarian Jonathan Barnes
168.4 Smuggling Tales Catherine Harvey


  • From the Doctor's perspective, the overarching story of this anthology takes place over the course of approximately three years.
  • Subscribers received two bonuses with this release. As well as a CD of Night of the Stormcrow, subscribers also received a download of an audio reading of Only Connect from the anthology Short Trips: Transmissions, read by John Banks.
  • This is the Fifth Doctor's third audio anthology featuring Nyssa.
  • This anthology was recorded on 7 and 8 August 2012.[1]
  • The cover is the last in the Main Range to use the blue Doctor Who logo, which had been used since the very first Doctor Who related release in 1999.


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