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10,000 Dawns was a science fiction prose series published by Arcbeatle Press which crossed over with the Doctor Who universe multiple times. Helmed by James Wylder, the series featured contributions from a variety of authors including established DWU writers Simon Bucher-Jones and Jacob Black.

While the series began with an online serialised novel simply titled 10,000 Dawns, it had its earliest published roots in a short story in James Wylder's unofficial Doctor Who poetry book An Eloquence of Time and Space which featured Graelyn Scythes, Archimedes Von Ahnerabe, and Lady Aesculapius, who would become main characters in 10,000 Dawns. Aesculapius later spun-off into Lady Aesculapius: Series 1 which crossed over into the DWU again in Life After Death. In addition, the one-off short story Winter's View alluded to the connections between the series and Doctor Who concepts, namedropping "the Empress of the Needle".

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