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You may be looking for 10,000 Dawns (series).

The 10,000 Dawns was a multiverse of ten thousand alternative universes that lived alongside one another and occasionally bled into each other. The Christmas Needle Agreement, with all the Forces of Power that were needed being present, allowed for harmony to be restored throughout the Multiverse and beyond.

As a computer programmed by the Superiors of Chris Cwej put it, the Dawns were reigned over by an inferior race of creatures with primitive conceptual threading abilities, the Firmament, who used a method of travelling through space on resizable moons, known as Foces, through the Bifrost. As they broke the Agreement, the Superiors sent Chris to retaliate. (PROSE: A Bright White Crack)

Behind the scenes[]

Invalid appearances[]

The Dawns also appeared in several stories that this wiki currently considers invalid sources within which the following information was revealed:

Inhabitants of the Dawns, most notably Graelyn Scythes and Archimedes Von Ahnerabe, sometimes left their reality to visit N-Space. (NOTVALID: Rachel Survived, et al.) Littlejohn considered the Dawns to be "the most blighted piece of inter-universal real estate he could imagine". (NOTVALID: The Gendar Conspiracy)

The Firmament were the caretakers of the Dawns, acting as the multiverse's equivalent of the Great Houses. Other factions of the Dawns included interuniversal paramilitary group Dawn, the Great Assimilation, Centro systems, and the Knights of the Sky. (NOTVALID: Rachel Survived, White Canvas)

The 10,000 and N-Space were also linked in that many events which happened in one existed as fiction in the other, and vice versa. (NOTVALID: Rachel Survived) For example, events identical to those surrounding Lolita becoming President of the United States (NOTVALID: Head of State) were covered in the book Head of State in the Dawns. (NOTVALID: Rachel Survived)

Working with Faction Paradox, Auteur once attempted to convert the 10,000 Dawns into pure fiction so that its narrative weight could be used to bring the Peace. After manipulating the Original Mammoths into temporally freezing the Dawns, Auteur completed her prepared ritual and nearly of the Dawns and it inhabitants became fiction, save Graelyn Scythes. Graelyn went on to revert everything Auteur had done. In the aftermath, Miranda Dawkins negotiated the Christmas Needle Agreement, a peace treaty between the Dawns and N-Space. (NOTVALID: White Canvas)

Other matters[]

  • The 10,000 Dawns are the main setting of the 10,000 Dawns series.
  • The 10,000 Dawns' relationship to the Doctor Who universe could be interpreted as being further explored in Jacob Black's A 10,000 Dawns Christmas short story Winter's View, in which a pair of "chronarchs" hire transtemporal investigators to investigate the Dawns. The chonarchs fear the version of humanity from the Dawns might become a potential enemy. The story ends with the chronarchs deciding to try to sway their people to democratically decide to destroy the Dawns, and with the investigators speculating that in the centuries it will take Chronarchs to do so the Dawns will become too powerful to be erased.