This cake was a part of the millennial party at Walker General Hospital — something that couldn't happen unless there were a year zero. (TV: Doctor Who)

You may be looking for the number zero or something else.

According to the Eighth Doctor, "round about 0 BC, AD", the first Christmas took place. He went to attend it with Leonardo da Vinci. (AUDIO: Relative Dimensions) Indeed, both he, news stations in San Francisco, at least a significant portion of the staff of Walker General Hospital, and noted scholars like Professor Wagg believed that the year 2000 started a new millennium, thus indicating that there was a year zero. (TV: Doctor Who)

Others felt that year zero was a fiction. Both the Sixth Doctor and Anji Kapoor's ex-boyfriend Dave Young passionately argued against the existence of a year zero. (PROSE: Millennium Shock, Escape Velocity)

According to one account, the First Doctor said there was no such year; he once set the TARDIS' space-time clock so that if something was about to go wrong, the dials would set themselves to read "AD 0000" and the clock would isolate itself from the circuit, thus saving him the trouble of having to repair it. (PROSE: The Space Museum)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In the real world, the Christian calendar does not offer a year zero: time simply progresses directly from 1 BC to 1 AD. Nevertheless, because a case for the existence of year zero can easily be built from significant DWU sources — and because it makes mathematical templates easy to construct here — the Tardis community chooses to believe the Eighth Doctor's view on the matter over the Sixth's.

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