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You may be looking for the comic story.

...Be Forgot was the twenty-second short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury. It was written by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright. It featured the Eighth Doctor and Bernice Summerfield.


Benny is frustrated by Brax's tacky Christmas decorations. She would rather not go to the Christmas party, but Jason insists she should go, as he will be there too.

Benny's frustration increases when she finds no sign of Jason at the party. She would rather be at home with Peter. She leaves the party, but when she gets home, Peter is asleep. She greets Wolsey, noticing that there is an envelope tied to his collar. It's a note from Jason — a treasure hunt. Benny is still not happy.

The first clue takes her to the chapel, where Professor Yakkle gives her the next clue. It takes her to the Archive, where she finally finds Jason. He sends her to one last place, but before she can hit him, he reveals that he's a hologram.

The last clue is in the Garden of Remembrance, in honour of Mister Crofton. Benny is angry to find someone there ahead of her, and becomes even more angry when she sees who it is — the Doctor.

She expects him to apologise for not preventing the Dalek invasion, and when he doesn't, she rages at him for not saving everyone who died. He hugs her and she sobs in his arms.

Later, she joins the Christmas party. Everyone is there: the Doctor with Peter, Hass, Jason, Yakkle, Ms Jones, and Bev. The only one missing is Brax.

Irving Braxiatel enters his office. It's too bad he had to miss the party, but he'll make up for it. He suddenly realises someone has been in his office. He notices a present from the Doctor. He decides he will visit Benny in a couple of days, bringing a gift for Peter.