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'Jinx' Ship Blasts Off For Mars was a Dateline 2088 short story printed in Action 21 that contained elements from the Doctor Who universe.


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  • Action 21 is beginning "exclusive coverage" of the fourth Zero X to Mars. Captain Travers has sworn to end the run of bad luck which has plagued the Solar System Exploration Centre.
  • The first mission was called off due to sabotage, the second made it to Mars but crashed back on Earth and the third started the Mysteron War after a team led by Captain Black went hunting for the source of strange radio signals.
  • Travers and his crew were saved from death on their last mission by International Rescue.
  • Mayor Lurie, the controller at Kahra, has stated that if Zero X got into trouble he would not send out any search parties. His reasoning was that since the beginning of the Mysteron war most people have found any excuse to get back to Earth. As a result, Kahra would not be able to afford the fuel needed to mount a rescue mission.
  • Budget cuts have reduced Kahra to "a sterile shadow of its Sixties glory". During the 2070s, both trade and travel interests switched from Mars to the outer Galaxy. Consequently, the World Government stopped the billions of dollars in payments which kept the city "in style".
  • World President Lhomel states that it is only "a matter of time" before the Astrans realise they and Earth have a common foe in the Mysterons.
  • A photograph depicts Fireball XL5 leaving Earth's orbit to join the Tenth Space Fleet.

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