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The Cybermen have invaded Earth, but the Doctor and Torchwood confront a greater threat. In the command centre, the three employees under manipulation initiate an unscheduled ghost shift and forcibly open the breach. The extended shift causes millions of ghosts to appear across the globe before they materialise into their true form, the Cybermen.

At the same time the Cybermen arrive the Void ship suddenly activates and begins to open. The Cybermen take control of Torchwood and order the complete surrender of humanity for conversion. The Doctor, puzzled at how the Cybermen could have created an advanced piece of technology like the Void ship, asks the Cyber Leader how they were able to build it. The Cyber Leader responds that the Cybermen are similarly oblivious to the origins of the sphere and that they merely followed its course through the breach.

In the sphere chamber, Mickey explains to Rose that after a battle in the parallel universe the Cybermen mysteriously disappeared. He happened upon their means of escape and returned to his native universe with the intention of stopping them. Mickey believes that the Cybermen are in control of the sphere and produces a gun to destroy whatever is in it. Rose is horrified when the sphere opens and reveals its occupants to be the Daleks.

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