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As we prepare to meet the Vampires of Venice let's travel back to 1980 and listen to the Doctor recounting the tale of a great war between the Time Lords and vampires...

In A State of Decay the Doctor and Romana must defeat a giant vampire and its three ancient and deadly servants. It's the second story in a trio known as the E-Space trilogy which saw the TARDIS trapped in another universe. Although the Doctor escaped in the following adventure, Romana stayed behind, making this her penultimate story.

In this clip we join them both as the Doctor recalls a previous battle between Time Lords and vampires. 'I like a ghost story,' he tells his companion. 'Do you want hear one? It's about a race of giant vampires that came out of nowhere...'

A State of Decay was written by Terrance Dicks, directed by Peter Moffatt and was first broadcast in 1980.

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