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Audio courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/user/hardwire5000 For a look at more of my work visit http://billyhanshaw.co.uk

I wrote myself a brief... it's mantra was "Journey through space and time".

First section is the Doctors watch, and we fly inside. The journey through the cog-wheels end with our exit through the untempered schism. And into an escher-esque timey wimey never-ending clock face (a metaphor of time travel and the time vortex).

Our journey catapults us through the vortex into a void where the seal of Rassilon is drawn in aged metal, accompanied by the Doctor Who logo, with some subtle embellishments. The seal of Rassilon burns away, reminding us of the Doctor's disdain for the Time Lords; revealing the new Doctor's reflection in the back of the watch which then tumbles away to the black hole in the distance.

I wanted it to feel ancient/steampunky :)


THESE SEQUENCES TAKE A LOT OF HARD WORK TO PRODUCE - THEY ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN FAN FILMS - They may inspire you to make one of your own - so please no requests for such use. My other sequences have been copied and accounts suspended because of this - so please respect the copyright of an original work.

The music is an arrangement performed by Hardwire. http://www.youtube.com/user/hardwire5000 https://soundcloud.com/hardwiremusic/doctor-who-the-new-empire-full

I was granted permission to use the theme - albeit edited down for this sequence.


I'm a motion graphics professional, working on tv commercials and corporate presentations mostly. But as an exercise to stretch my skills I created this title sequence for probably the best loved Sci-fi show on TV. Fans of the show seem to love the inclusion of the Doctors face - here's my take on that being redeployed. The title of the episode is from a Mark Gatiss novel.

Logo, Tardis and Time Vortex: CINEMA 4D Everything else: AFTER EFFECTS (using various post fx and particle generators)

© info: Dr Who logo, Tardis and photographic content are the sole property of the BBC - no copyright infringement intended.

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